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How does a cordless smart vacuum cleaner prevent hair from getting tangled?

The cordless smart vacuum cleaner effectively prevents hair tangles through its unique design and configuration. Here’s a detailed description of how the V70 vacuum cleaner prevents hair from getting tangled:
Soft velvet roller floor brush design: The V70 vacuum cleaner uses a large-diameter soft velvet roller floor brush, which is designed with full consideration of the cleaning effect and the need to prevent hair from getting tangled. The large diameter of this floor brush can cover a wider cleaning area and improve cleaning efficiency. At the same time, the choice of soft velvet material is also very ingenious. The soft velvet material, with its unique softness and skin-friendliness, can easily glide over various floors, whether it is hardwood floors, ceramic tiles or carpets, achieving smooth cleaning. More importantly, this material significantly reduces the adsorption force on hair compared to traditional hard brush heads. When the hair slides on the soft velvet roller, it is not easy to get tangled, which greatly reduces the trouble during the cleaning process. What’s even more considerate is that the soft velvet roller floor brush also comes with a combing structure. When the vacuum cleaner is working, the combing structure will continuously comb the hair on the roller brush, comb the adsorbed hair in time and throw it into the dust cup. This automated hair cleaning mechanism not only further reduces the risk of hair tangles, but also greatly reduces the user's manual cleaning work.
High-speed motor and strong suction: The heart of the V70 vacuum cleaner, the brushless motor, is the key to ensuring the strong suction of the vacuum cleaner. This motor provides continuous power to the vacuum cleaner with a speed of up to 100,000 rpm. Paired with a precision-designed air duct, the vacuum cleaner can generate super suction power of up to 28,000Pa during operation. This powerful suction plays a vital role in the cleaning process. Whether it is hair, dust or other debris, it can be quickly sucked into the dust cup under the powerful suction. The contact time between hair and other debris and the roller brush is greatly shortened, thereby reducing the possibility of hair tangles.
Multifunctional brush head and adapter hose: The V70 vacuum cleaner is also equipped with multiple brush heads with different functions, such as electric mite removal brush, gap cleaning flat nozzle, soft-bristled wide mouth dual-purpose flat nozzle, etc., as well as multi-functional adapters hose. The design of these brush heads and hoses allows the vacuum cleaner to handle various cleaning scenarios, whether it is mite dust in bed sheets and fabric furniture, dust in corners, window seams, etc., or even the bottom of sofas, beds, car seats, etc. Hard-to-reach places can be easily cleaned. This comprehensive cleaning power also indirectly reduces the risk of hair tangles.
Daily maintenance and cleaning: The LED display of the V70 vacuum cleaner will have a consumable status reminder function to facilitate users to perform daily maintenance of the vacuum cleaner. Users can promptly clean the roller brush, replace the filter element, etc. according to the prompts to ensure that the performance of the vacuum cleaner is always at its best, thereby reducing the possibility of hair tangles.
To sum up, the V70 vacuum cleaner effectively prevents the problem of hair tangles through its unique soft-velvet roller floor brush design, strong suction, multi-functional brush head and adapter hose, as well as daily maintenance and cleaning measures. This makes the V70 vacuum cleaner smoother and more efficient during the cleaning process, giving users a better experience.