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YOOLADY made a stunning show on China Import & Export Fair (Canton Fair)!

After a close of three years, the 133rd China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Canton Fair") was fully recovered and held in Guangzhou from April 15th to May 5th, 2023.

It was the first show of YOOLADY on Canton Fair. Together with more than 30,000 enterprises from all walks of life, YOOLADY presents its intelligent and good-looking household vacuum cleaner to guests and merchants from all corners of the world.

Stunning show deducing beauty of science and technology

With a long history of 67 years, Canton Fair is known as Number One Exhibition in China. It is a comprehensive international trade event in China featuring the largest scale and the most comprehensive variety of commodities.

Being an important driving force for the recovery of enterprises after the Covid-19 epidemic, the 133rd. Canton Fair is the largest one in its history to hit a new high record in the exhibition area and the number of exhibitors. YOOLADY fully seizes the market opportunities to show its smart vacuum cleaners on Canton Fair.

YOOLADY booth is No. 1.2N16 of Area A in the Household Appliance Hall. Being a new face on Canton Fair, YOOLADY and its excellent products made its first stunning show with the strength to deducing beauty of intelligent household cleaning appliance.

As a pioneer of life aesthetics, YOOLADY understands that the household appliances should not only meet consumers basic functional needs, but also meet any individual demand of different consumers.

YOOLADY has integrated the household appliances and home life. It removes the complicated and cumbersome design, cleverly combines science and technology with beauty, and presents people a healthier, more intelligent and higher quality home life.

YOOLADY V70 smart wireless vacuum cleaner attracts the guests and merchants from various countries and regions for its aesthetic design and intelligent functions as well as its varied dust removal modes in different home scenario.

YOOLADY V70 smart vacuum cleaner is warmly welcomed by wide users. It is equipped with AUTO intelligent fine dust sensing function and opens an era of one-click "lazy man" cleaning mode.

The six-fold fine filtration system with three HEPA filters can achieve a filtration efficiency of 99.99%, which can firmly lock the fine dust to prevent secondary air pollution. With large LED display, it is clear at a glance for the battery capacity, entanglement problems and status of filters.

To clean whole house by one YOOLADY smart vacuum cleaner only is also the highlight on Canton Fair. It is easy for YOOLADY V70 smart vacuum cleaner whether it is a large villa or the complicated interior of a car.

With a variety of brush heads and cleaning modes, YOOLADY smart vacuum cleaner is flexible to adapt to a variety of complex cleaning scenarios. It is useful to clean high places, crevices, carpets, floors, and even dust and mites hid in the bedding. YOOLADY smart vacuum cleaner is appraised and enjoyed by both domestic and foreign guests and merchants after they have trial application on the booth.

YOOLADY V70 smart vacuum cleaner presents three colors on Canton Fair, that is, Phantom Gray – a modest and calm classic color, Space Silver – a cool and unique metallic color, and Phantom Blue – a bright new fashion advanced color. A variety of styles highlight the unique personality with a new visual impact to meet the demands of different consumers. YOOLADY smart vacuum cleaners have a high standard of aesthetics and lead the trend of home life.

To meet the custom-design and gift-present, YOOLADY provides a private customization module and personalized lettering engraving service on machine body. By ultraviolet laser engraving, it could engrave any number, logo, text on the vacuum cleaner to satisfy any consumer’s special demand. It will promote the era of private customization of home appliances.

YOOLADY shows the charm of China's intelligent manufacturing on Canton Fair. YOOLADY  appliances are warmly welcomed by both domestic and foreign guests and merchants. YOOLADY will develop and manufacture more healthy and smart household appliances to create a world-leading new cleaning concept and experience.