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YOOLADY strikes a pose on AWE2023. Smart manufacturing creates a beautiful home life.

During April 27th – 30th, AWE2023 (Appliance & Electronics World Expo) is held in Shanghai New International Convection and Exhibition Center. Being a new dark horse, YOOLADY and its smart vacuum cleaner makes its first show. It provides the majority of attendants a new cleaning experience with both intelligence and good-looking.

Known as Asia's largest one and the world's TOP 3 home appliances and consumer electronics exhibition, AWE's theme of "Smart Technology and Create Future" focuses on innovation functions of healthy and comfortable products, which coincides with YOOLADY's development concept of "Committed to improving people's life with science and technology". As a new face on AWE, YOOLADY makes a stunning appearance at booth 1B06 in Hall E1. It deduces the beauty of intelligent cleaning appliances with strength.

Along with the rapid development of science and technology, the living standard is improved day by day and the "self-pleasing" consumption has spawned the birth of various new products. For the today’s household appliances, in addition to meeting the users’ rigid needs, it should pay more attention and conform to the value measurement of "Respect and Self-Actualization" in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It should include both the pleasant mood by the appearance and function and the portable and comfortable quality of life.

The unique individuality could be interpreted by a variety of styles. The household cleaning appliances can have a new height of beauty. YOOLADY, a pioneer of life aesthetics, skillfully combines aesthetics with science and technology, and deeply integrates household appliances with home design. It makes high-quality vacuum cleaners with tremendous beauty and intelligent functions. The classic phantom gray, ethereal space silver, and trendy phantom blue look like art adorning life and enhance home taste in details. Create aesthetics in small space to enjoy a comfortable life at home.

Being a new product on AWE2023, YOOLADY V70 smart vacuum cleaner breaks the inherent color assortment and builds up an exclusive color matrix to lead the new trend of household appliance. Equipped with AUTO intelligent fine dust sensing technology, it’s just one click to open the "lazy" cleaning mode to save worry and effort. It is easy to control details by large LED digital display such as real-time perception of battery capacity, filter status and dirt level. The built-in six-fold precision filtration system can effectively adsorb 0.3 micron particle pollutants with a filtration effect of 99.99% and strictly prevent secondary dust pollution.

In addition, it is the highlight of YOOLADY vacuum cleaner that only one machine can clean the whole house. With a variety of adaptive brush heads, it can change different cleaning modes at ease to adapt to multiple scenarios. For the floor, sofa, crevices and bed, whether it is dust of hair attached to the surface or the hidden deep mites, all can be sucked and cleaned thoroughly.

YOOLADY devotes itself to creating a warm household appliance brand. Not only YOOLADY makes house clean and health, but also it becomes a necessary life partner in each family. YOOLADY provides your house an efficient cleaning, in the same time, it brings you more healing power and helps you to relieve your tired body. The personalized lettering on the machine body is YOOLADY’s pioneering innovation with ultraviolet laser engraving technology. Any number, symbol or characters can be engraved on the product to give the an inanimate machine with special significance and deliver a warm friendship.

YOOLADY always provides you a happy life. By AWE exhibition, YOOLADY will continue its innovation and communicate with more consumers who pursue high quality life. YOOLADY will propagate the concept of exquisite and healthy life to find better solutions for the cleaning of thousands of families. It is aimed at creating a high quality relaxed and comfortable home life.

Smart manufacturing will create a clean future. You are appreciated to visit YOOLADY booth E1-1B06 in Shanghai New International Convection and Exhibition Center during AWE2023.